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If you have a genealogical database, a GEDCOM file, old family photos or anything else you would like put on the Internet we can provide space for your files. If you like we can also setup your Web pages for you and create HTML linked pages out of your genealogical data and transfer the data to either our site or your own home page.

Web Space Rates:

I am now offering Web space for your own genealogy web pages. To keep the cost down I offer space for $2.95 per month (paid annually $36.40), or $3.95 paid by the month. You will have your own control panel and Over 53 Pre-installed CGI scripts, including Fantastico. It also comes with an automated site builder "RVSiteBuilder." Here is a list of many of the features of the Web space.

Setup Fee $15.00 (free if paid anually)
Monthly Price $2.95 if Paid Annually $35.40
Monthly Price $3.95 Paid Monthly
Web Space (MB) 500 MB
Traffic (Bandwidth) 1.5GB
POP3 (email) Accounts 50
FTP Accounts 50
Web Browser Control Panel 50
MySQL Databases 10
Mailing Lists 20
Forwarders Unlimited
Auto-Responders Unlimited
Mail Blocking Unlimited
Sub-Domains Unlimited
Email Aliases Unlimited
Web Based Email Access CGI, Perl, PHP, Java
MX Record Changes Anonymous FTP
MS Frontpage™ Extensions PhpMyAdmin Support
Web Based Statistics Password Protected Files
Secure Server Includes (SSI) Cron Jobs
SSH Shell Access Real Audio/Video
Custom Error Pages CGI Chat Room

Domain Names:

Getting a domain name involves registering the name you want with an organization called InterNIC through any domain name registrar. It is really best to get your own domain name, as low as $9.95 per year, because if you ever change your web space provider, your domain name goes with you. Your regular visitors or customers who knew your site name as (for example) would not have to be informed about a change of URL.

They would simply type your domain name and they’d be brought to your new site. In addition, if you advertize your site on all the search engines with a URL like - Then you do not want to have to re-submit a new URL any time you move your site. Also, consider the length of your domain name, names that are too long or have too many syllables may not be the best way to go. Yes, you can register names up to 63 characters long, but that doesn't mean you have to use all 63 characters.

Of course there are many other online as well.

Web Publishing Rates:

If you do not want to take time to set up your Web pages. I can do it for you, setting up your pages, either on our site or yours, starts at $30.00. This includes converting your genealogical data into HTML pages with links between them, surname lists and a name index.

You can call (909) 606-3578 or contact Sales for a personalized quote.

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Last updated April 21, 2008

All Prices Are Subject to Change Without Notice.

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