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Publishing Your Family History on the Internet

By Richard S. Wilson

A new book by Richard S. Wilson, co-author of The Internet for Genealogists: A Beginner's Guide. This book, Publishing Your Family History on the Internet, will guide you through the processes of creating your own genealogical Web site, including how to set up your Web pages, locate a site, place your family history on the Web and advertise your site. Interested persons with Internet access can then interact with you, helping you develop your family's pedigree. The Internet makes it possible to meet family and friends from around the world with just a click of the mouse button.

Publishing Your Family History on the Internet is written in plain english (not that confusing computer jargon). It is designed to help both the novice as well as the more advanced user. This book walks you through the entire data conversion and Web creation process.

Publishing Your Family History on the Internet includes:

Publishing Your Family History on the Internet is now available at most major bookstores. Contains 340 pages with over a hundred illistrations. Publication price is $19.99.

Here are links to a few on-line bookstores:
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Deseret Books

Heritage Quest

Total price $19.99 plus $3.50 s/h, California residents also add $1.75 tax ($26.25 total).

You can also purchase this book from us. We do not accept credit cards, many major bookstores are on-line and can accept credit cards over the Internet. If you wish to purchase from us send a check or money order to:
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